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fre. 22. mar.



Fabriksbesøg og workshop med æstetisk komposit (IKKE FLERE PLADSER)

Besøg VOCO's hovedkvarter i Cuxhaven og se hvordan en producent til dentalbranchen fungerer. Du kommer rundt på fabrikken og bl.a ser VOCO's forskningsafdeling. Der vil ydermere være workshop med Admira Fusion 5 og Amaris.

Man kan ikke længere tilmelde sig online - kontakt os venligst direkte.
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Fabriksbesøg og workshop med æstetisk komposit (IKKE FLERE PLADSER)
Fabriksbesøg og workshop med æstetisk komposit (IKKE FLERE PLADSER)

Tid og sted

22. mar. 2024, 19.00 CET – 23. mar. 2024, 19.00 CET

VOCO GmbH, Anton-Flettner-Straße 1-3, 27472 Cuxhaven, Tyskland

Om dental kursus

Course summary: This lecture communicates a comprehensive overview of the current state of dental restorative materials and puts them in the context of day-to-day practice situations. In this way, the dentist realises why the material science of the restoratives in use is also ofdecisiverelevancefora successfuldentaloffice.

Instructor: Dr. Matthias Mehring

Dr Mehring studied chemistry at Oldenburg University.

Subsequently he carried out his doctoral thesis in the field of theoretical chemistry and obtained his PhD in2011. Dr Mehring was lecturing during his PhD within the research association “Center of Interface Science”. Dr Mehring was awarded with the 1st price of the Symposium on Theroretical Chemistry in 2008.



Anton-Flettner-Straße 1-3




23/11 at 19.30: Dinner at Hotel Seelust

24/10 at 08.15-15.00: Course at VOCO headquarters

24/10 at 19.00: Networking dinner at Bjorn’s restaurant


2600 DKK for 1 accomodation

3600 DKK for 2 accomodations

Please note: The price is including restaurant and accomodation costs

Full description: High-quality, nano-filled restorative materials with excellent physical and mechanical properties in combination with reliable adhesive systems have simplified day-to-day workflows as well as allowing better results at the same time.

This lecture deals with the s tructure of compos ites and places a particular focus on the relevance of the res in compos ition, which is the basis for different final properties ofdifferent restoratives, such as

a) a biocompatible, ceramic-like behaviour and aesthetics

b) a changeable consistency upon warming

c) a broad chameleon effect that allows a significant shade reduction

The second contributor to these small but significant differences are the employed filler systems, which we will also briefly discuss in this lecture. Why was the introduction of nano-hybrid technology at the beginning of the 21st century such an enormous leapforward for dentists and patients?

Anyway, the material itself can only offer the basis for high-quality restorations; its handling and processing upon application play an even more important role for the user. Besides these subjective impressions, we will also discuss relevant questions like what impact do layer thickness, light polymerisation or polishing have on the final result and whether there are - in spite of excellent properties - currently reasons for any improvement of certain of those. Which additional properties or improvements would be of interest from your standpoint?

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