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ons. 28. feb.


Webinar om komposit kroner

Gratis Webinar

Komposit kroner? Hvorfor? Hvordan er det med styrken? Hvilke fordele? Hvad med cementering? Webinaret er på engelsk og bliver optaget, så kan du ikke på dagen, så tilmeld dig alligevel og vi sender link et par dage efter.

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Gratis Webinar
Gratis Webinar

Tid og sted

28. feb. 2024, 16.00 – 17.00

Webinar om komposit kroner

Om dental kursus

Tim Hark Dental Technician - VOCO GmbH  Due to the desire to invent THE perfect material for indirect restorations, dental materials are subject to constant further development. But shouldn't the top priority in development always be to imitate the natural tooth as closely as possible in all its aspects and properties? Even taking into account all economic and technical aspects? Modern nano-ceramic hybrid materials are well on the way to achieving this and are becoming increasingly popular and therefore more important, especially in the CAD/CAM sector. This webinar conveys the advantages, opportunities and limitations of nano-ceramic hybrid materials. It teaches the correct handling from preparation to cementation and shows how quickly and easily, efficiently and sustainably the material can be processed.

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