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man. 18. okt.



Hands-on kursus om Stifter og opbygning

Dette hands-on kursus giver et overblik over de forskellige arbejdsmetoder og demonstrerer fordelene ved post-endodontisk behandling med glasfiberstifter.

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Hands-on kursus om Stifter og opbygning

Tid & sted

18. okt. 2021 17.30 – 20.30

RØNVIG Dental, Gl Vejlevej 59, 8721 Daugård

Om eventet

Post endodontic treatment with glass fibre reinforced composite posts 

When is the placing of a post indicated and which kind of a post is the best solution in post endodontic treatment? Are there alternatives for root canals with unusual geometries and large conicities? Which acuteness has to be considered during the luting in the root canal and what has to be kept in mind when building up a tooth stump? This training provides an overview of currently available posts and demonstrates the advantages of post endodontic treatment with glass fibre reinforced composite posts. Composites are established restoratives but without them is not to be thought of in dental practice. These state of the art products, containing nano particles and optimized resin mixtures, come with excellent physical properties and are able to mimic the dental hard tissue very good. The reinforcement of composites with glass fibres improves the tensile and flexural strength and thus allows the use a root post. Moreover, this training explains the revolutionary approach of a bundle of glass fibre posts, which makes their use inside root canals with special geometries and different diameters possible. Special attention is paid to the luting of posts and the core build up. The aim of this course is to teach the attendees basics in related material science and the handling and use of the products. As an outcome of this training, the attendees are able to handle the necessary techniques of placing glass fibre posts and it avoids any potential uncertainties during the different application steps.

Kurset er på engelsk

Kursusgiver er Dr. Mattias Mehring

Varighed: 3 kursustimer 

Kurset er inkl. forplejning

Pris: Kr. 1750,-

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